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Brazilian Judge Amazon Mining

Brazilian Judge Cancels Mining Decree of Amazon Reserve

A Brazilian judge has suspended with immediate effect a decree that abrogated the status of an immense Amazon nature reserve of the size of Denmark in order to authorize...

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Mexico “deplores” Trump’s decision on DACA

Mexico “deplores” the decision of US President Donald Trump on undocumented youth and asks the US Congress to find a “quick” solution to end the...

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Germany stabbing attack

Germany: stabbing attack leaves one man dead and another injured

A man was killed and another injured in a stabbing attack in the street Friday in Wuppertal (western Germany) during a brawl, the police said, adding that the aggressor...

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Rocket Engines Used by North Korea on Its Missiles Were Sold to Russia

The rocket engines produced in Ukraine, which allowed Pyongyang to make spectacular progress on its  missile program, were delivered exclusively to Russia, the...

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Finance & Business

Beef Imports From Brazil Banned by the US

The US Department of Agriculture has banned beef imports from Brazil for health reasons. The United States have suspended imports of fresh Brazilian beef Thursday due to...

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One Human Out of Ten Suffers From Obesity

The proportion of the obese population in the world has been increasing worldwide since 1980, doubling in 73 countries, according to a large study published yesterday...

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‘Real Fake’ Skin Tan Chemical Could Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Real skin tanning without the risk of cancer could soon be a reality. After more than ten years of effort, researchers have discovered a substance capable of penetrating...

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