Standing steakhouse Ikinari With No Chairs Comes to New York

standing steakhouse ikinari

Standing Steakhouse Ikinari to Open in New York Thursday

A standing steakhouse, what’s that? Eating standing is a concept imported from Japan that could well become the new fashion among foodists. The first of such restaurants opened in Tokyo in 2013 and the success arrived very quickly. It worked so well that its owner now wants to open some twenty new franchises in New York.

The Romans ate lying down. In Southeast Asia, it is common to eat crouching or sitting on the floor. In the West, the norm is rather to be sitting on a chair when slicing a nice juicy steak. But this Japanese restaurateur has decided to upset the traditions and create a new trend: eating standing.

The first Ikinari Steakhouse opened in 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. The concept has been a success and four years later, the country has more than a hundred such places. Now, its creator Kunio Ichinose wants to invade New York with standing restaurants. The first is expected to open this month in Manhattan and in 5 years, if everything goes as planned, there should be about twenty new ones.

How does it work? The restaurant has 40 standing tables and 10 seats. Clients go to the counter and choose the piece of meat they want: ribeye, sirloin or filet. The cook then cuts them in front of them before bringing them the meat on a very hot cast iron tray. All this accompanied by various sauces (wasabi, soy, special sauce J) and corn.

The idea is to feed as many people as possible in as little time as possible with tasty and quality food. And it works. In thirty minutes, people have time to choose, eat, pay and leave the restaurant. For Takashi Tsuchiyama, assistant of Ichinose, there is no doubt: this concept will be successful in New York, he says to Eater.


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    Japanese standing steakhouse is a stinking silly concept.