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Javier Milei, Former ‘Heavy Metal’ Who Leads Far-Right Phenomenon In Argentina

” Left-handed shit , they’re losing the battle.” The Argentine far-right found its messiah: Javier Milei , a former soccer goalkeeper and former singer of a heavy metal band who, thanks to television screens, became a successful preacher of extreme neoliberalism. To the vociferous beat of this economist, a political sector until recently a minority, this Sunday may become an unprecedented electoral phenomenon .

The polls prior to the open, simultaneous and mandatory primary elections (PASO) that function as an almost exact thermometer of what will happen in the legislative elections of November 14 , give libertarians up to 12 points in the capital. Milei is the architect of this growth: her war cries against the ” political caste ” have penetrated a youth sector that has lost all hope.

Everyone in this country is suspected of being undercover leftists in Milei’s eyes, even Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the mayor of the capital and one of the leaders of the moderate right. “You know what? You can’t even polish a liberal’s shoes, damn. I can still crush you in a wheelchair,” he snapped. “Argentina needs the opposite, that we reach a consensus, that we work together,” the mayor replied.

At 50, and after participating in several scandalous discussions in the media, Milei decided that it was time to try her luck in politics. His growth in the polls did nothing more than enhance rhetorical aggressiveness . The stridency did not take long to attract the attention of the Bolsonaro in Brazil.

“Not only do we love to drive left-handers crazy , but freedom unites us. I would love to visit him in Argentina,” Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro wrote. Milei thanked him for the words, praised his father, and invited him to form a regional entente to stop the left and the ” warm pigeons ” that are “functional” in their advance.

War against the state
Milei played in Chacarita Juniors , a team that became champion of the major divisions, when he was a child and, as he confessed, was the object of psychological violence by his father. His curly hair shows him as fresh out of the shower. Some believe that he wears a toupee , but he claims that his hair is that of a libertarian who never combs his hair. Beyond his eccentricities, he has a clear program: the State is ” an enemy”And he must be defeated.”

I am against all taxes, “he abounds. But, above all, he puts on his armor to fight against an imaginary communism in every trench that comes his way.” We cannot continue to embrace moral values of socialism, which are envy and resentment, “he adds.

Anti-abortion and defender of the use of arms , with some Vox and some Donald Trump , Milei would have liked her star to coincide with that of the former president of the United States, who, she said, was “on the right track.” His entry into Congress is given as safe and, quite possibly, also that of Victoria Villaruel, the second candidate of his Frente Libertad Avanza . She chairs the Center for Legal Studies on Terrorism and its Victims (CELTyV) which, among other things, minimizes the dimension of human rights violations during the last military dictatorship (1976-83).

Broader phenomenon
Milei’s figure is part of a larger constellation. Only in the populous district of Buenos Aires there are 12 lists of candidates from different ultra-rightist formations . This variety of offer is unprecedented. Among the candidates to reach Parliament are the economist José Luis Espert, the neo-Nazi Alejandro Biondini and the former vedette Cinthia Fernández, who decided to campaign with just one garter beltin front of the parliamentary seat.

According to the consulting firm Zuban-Córdoba, 13.3% of the people interviewed consider themselves to be from the “right”, almost 10% from the center right and just over 2% from the extreme right. Never before in Argentina has a conservative, even in his most radical expressions, recognized himself as such: he used to present himself in society as a liberal and even as a center. That modesty is completely over.

There is also a former combatant in the Malvinas war, Juan José Gómez Centurión, and a representative of evangelism, Cinthia Hotton. Many of the competitors hope to be beneficiaries of the Milei wave. ” We do not come to herd lambs, but to wake up lions,” he often says in his public acts. Those roars are no longer being taken as a joke.

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