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An ISIS Attack In Kirkuk Kills At Least Tres Policías

An ISIS attack in Kirkuk kills at least three policemen. Isis attacks in the area have been a constant since 2017.

An alleged cell of the Islamic State (ISIS) attacked a unit of the Iraqi Federal Police in the city of Kirkuk, in the northeast of the country, on Saturday night , leaving at least three officers dead and as many injured .

The perpetrators of the incident have attacked the police forces in the Daquq district and later fired at the forces of the 5th Brigade of the Federal Police, the local media Rudaw has detailed based on sources consulted.

Drone attack takes place near Erbil airport in Iraq
Two of the dead would have died instantly , while the third has lost his life once he had already been transferred to a nearby hospital.

This same source has commented to Rudaw that the Federal Police are handling the incident with caution because these types of armed men tend to ambush the security forces and place explosives on the main roads.

After their territorial defeat in 2017 at the hands of Iraqis and Kurds, remnants of ISIS in the area have regularly launched attacks in the disputed territories , notes the Kurdistan24 network.

In addition, after the murder of an Iraqi soldier and the kidnapping of a civilian in an attack in the same province of Kirkuk, last week the Iraqi Army carried out an operation to eradicate cells suspected of being part of the Islamic State in areas rural areas of the Nineveh Governorate, in the north of the country.

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