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Redexis Will Supply Biomethane To Transportes de Zaragoza Consortium Buses

The company will supply renewable gas to the metropolitan line of this consortium in the gas station it has at the Auto-Taxi Cooperative Service Station.

Redexis has recently started the operation of supplying renewable gas (biomethane) to the buses of the Consorcio de Transportes de Zaragoza, which are operated by the company Alsa Agreda.

This supply is being made from the gas station that Redexis -specialized in energy infrastructures and dedicated to the development and operation of natural gas transportation and distribution networks-, has at the Zaragoza Auto-Taxi Cooperative Service Station. This natural gas refueling facility for vehicles was inaugurated in 2019 after an investment of 500,000 euros in order to make it easier for Zaragozans to refuel their vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG).

This gas station is connected to the Redexis gas pipeline network, which makes it possible to ensure the renewable origin of biomethane through guarantees or certificates of origin of renewable gas that guarantee neutral mobility in CO2 emissions.

Specifically, the gas buses on this metropolitan line, supplied by Scania, will be powered by biomethane that comes from livestock slurry, as well as from water treatment plants and other municipal services with which this carbon-neutral fuel is produced.

The use of gas buses powered by biomethane makes it possible to achieve the necessary autonomy or better performance of speed and comfort in diesel buses with a negative balance in CO2 emissions as the fuel comes from organic waste and thus more CO2 is destroyed than is generated.

Medium and long-distance transport with biomethane is thus ideal and without limitations of power or autonomy, apart from having contained costs and promoting the recovery of agricultural and urban waste.

In this way, thousands of tons of methane emissions into the atmosphere that generate a greater greenhouse effect are avoided and the creation of a circular economy with zero waste is favored, as well as the generation of local jobs, helping to fix population in rural areas. .

Network with Cepsa
Redexis also continues to advance in the execution of its strategic plan with Cepsa, which includes the creation of the largest network of natural gas refueling stations in Spain. As a result of this alliance, there are already five gas stations located in Zaragoza, Puerto Lumbreras (Murcia), Trujillo (Cáceres), Castillejo de Iniesta (Cuenca) and Getafe (Madrid).

The forecast is to continue with the construction of new LNG (liquefied natural gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas) facilities with Cepsa as the NGV (vehicular natural gas) market develops in the Aragonese community, as confirmed to elEconomista

The plan aims to reach 80 service stations before the end of 2023 with an investment of 60 million euros. In addition, all gas stations are prepared to supply renewable gas with a guarantee of origin to achieve neutrality of CO2 emissions in mobility with NGV.

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