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Sondersland Points To Youth Talent As Undisputed Protagonist Of Change En Mundo

It is the largest global meeting that aims to connect, activate and enhance the enormous talent of the new generations. Sondersland has focused on youth talent that will undoubtedly change the world. For five days, from September 8 to 12, thousands of young people were able to discover together the trends, opportunities and keys that will mark the new reality of the future they face.

The event took place in La Nave, although it could also be viewed online. This meeting also featured numerous practical workshops, conferences and invited artists who wanted to reinforce the important role that young people have today.

This event had the help of Trivu, the largest global ecosystem that promotes opportunities to enhance the talent of people with a young attitude, with the aim of generating a real impact. This organization has a clear purpose: to make talent the engine of change . In this way, from “Rock your profile”, LinkedIn was able to give the keys to get out of the comfort zone. Javier de Mendizábal, Enterpise Senior Account of this application, commented that we have to bear in mind that this tool is a social network that serves to create economic opportunities for all professionals in the world.

There were multiple companies that wanted to participate to do their bit in this reality. From Iberdrola, Irene Schiavon explained to the attendees that the company advocates sustainable development and innovation and that the “Agenda 2030” project includes new processes of digitization, technological and social innovation.

Among the most outstanding presentations of last September 9, the one by Sjoerd Bos, creator of The Water Company, who commented in his speech how after the loss of his brother at age 11 and his father at 23, began to be aware that our time in the world is limited. With The Water Company he has managed to patent a single-use bottle, completely compostable and whose manufacture adapts very easily to the processes of the industry. For their part, Teresa Gil and Héctor Arto from Iberdrola pointed out that young people will play a fundamental role in the energy transition.

Digitization and sustainability
Of the round tables, the presentation of the Futurbe project stood out, an initiative promoted by Trivu and the Madrid City Council, which bases its activity on digitization and sustainability, seeking to reduce the carbon footprint. In the Educonection debate, several teachers spoke about the education of the future, especially after Covid-19.

The idea on which the conference focused was that young people are the future of tomorrow and that if education does not drive a transformation in them, it will mean that we are doing something wrong. Teachers must revolutionize society and exercise quality education with equal opportunities for all.

In this macro meeting there was also room for influencers like Majo Paiz. She is a young Panamanian who has managed to turn her life experience, since she has a disability, into a tool to raise awareness throughout a society. Social networks are highly criticized for showing a side of life that is not quite real. From AXA, they have wanted to convey the idea that we have to bet on ourselves, and we do not have to camouflage ourselves under an image that does not correspond to our true personality.

Niña Shini, founder of an influencer agency, wanted to highlight the importance of knowing yourself and your team to know what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as knowing how to balance work and your private life. He also stressed that, despite working hard and knowing how to do it under pressure, it is vital to do other things that relax you and take you away from the work environment.

Examples to follow
From the upper echelons of companies, great profiles are hidden, such as Pol Álvarez, CEO of Rivex. Álvarez shared his experience as a nomad, telecommuting and traveling around the world. The idea that he transmitted was that it is possible to combine work with the experience of traveling, as long as you have the right tools.

For his part, Daniel Blanco, CETO of Sunthetics, commented how difficult it is to know what you really want to be at a certain age, especially when you are young. In her case, she decided that what she wanted to be was a chemical engineer and she succeeded. His vision of the future of chemical manufacturing has led him to participate in many presentations and conferences, such as the 2019 International Business Summit for the Sustainable Development Goals at the United Nations.

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular projects was Imparables 2030, an initiative launched by Unicef ​​Spain and Trivu, born and created by young people and for young people with which talent, innovation and progress are promoted. of the 2030 Agenda. It will offer a digital, interactive and formative teamwork experience and a program that is divided into three phases: activation, incubation and presentation of the proposal.

Challenges of the new generation of leaders
The environment, unemployment or the educational system are some of the challenges that young people face today. The president of the Global Youth Leadership Forum, Jacobo Pombo García; and the Secretary General of New Generations of the PP, Caarlos Angrisano, explained how this generation has had fewer opportunities to get involved in public spheres.

Jaime Castillo, co-founder and Head of Business at Shakrs, explains how the world is changing in the way they work and that there are two factors why he believes this is happening: society changes due to digitization and organizations are increasingly more flexible.

Undoubtedly, the event was full of professionals and young people who transmitted the keys to facing a post-pandemic world and succeeding in it.

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