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Workers Who Have To Retire Compulsory From 66 Años

Knowing what our retirement age will be is one of the questions we face in the final stage of our working life. For some workers, this withdrawal must be made to wait until ordinary retirement age .

However, not all workers who have to wait until that deadline retire at the same age: there is a group of people who have to wait longer than the rest. They are workers who have to retire after the age of 66 , the ordinary retirement age for those who have not reached a previous contribution of 37 years and 3 months.

That is not the only condition for their mandatory retirement age to be from 66 years of age, since they must not reach 33 either: this date would allow them to take advantage of early retirement , if they so wish, which allows the said age to be reduced. in up to two years (up to four in the event of layoffs after 61 ), always with a reduction in the pension based on the months in advance.

In addition, the worker will not be able to belong to the professional integrated in the Passive Classes (who, with exceptions, retire on a compulsory basis at 65 years of age ) or develop one of the professions that give the option of taking advantage of an early retirement by reason of the group professional and its hardship, dangerousness or toxicity.

If he meets the above conditions, the worker may retire from the age of 66. To do this, you will have to demonstrate a minimum period of 15 years of contribution , of which two must be in the 15 years prior to the request for retirement.

The method of calculating your retirement will be the same as that of the rest of the workers: the contribution bases of the last 24 years (288 months) will be taken into account and they will be divided by 336 to determine the regulatory base. Afterwards, the number of months worked will establish what will be the percentage of that regulatory base to which you are entitled. After reaching 15 years of age, you are entitled to 50% of the regulatory base and from those 15 years each of the first 106 months entitle you to an extra 0.21% pension. The following 146 give 0.19% of the base per month.

This will be modified in 2022, the year of changes in pensions and in which the contribution bases of the last 25 years (300 months) will be taken into account and a new divisor of 350 is established. In addition, the ordinary retirement age for people who do not have 37 years and six months of contributions, it will become 66 years and two months.

When they reach this retirement age, workers do not have to retire if they do not want to. They have the option of delaying their retirement and continuing to increase their pension (with coefficients between 2% and 4% of the regulatory base per extra year worked) or combining work and pension collection in an amount proportional to the hours not worked, which is known as flexible retirement .

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