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RD Deputy Said He Was Ready To Vote On The Constitutional Indictment Against Sebastián Piñera After Midnight

Through a video on social networks, Jackson himself confirmed that he will be in the room. “Today I am on my last day of quarantine, so I am fully available to fulfill my parliamentary work when this quarantine ends,” he said.

Along with the above, the parliamentarian justified the libel and pointed out that “this constitutional accusation is about ending the impunity of a President who has put, time and again, personal and economic interests above those of the country and the environment. It is about ending the impunity of a President charged today by the courts for possible crimes of bribery and incompatible negotiation ”.

“This accusation is not about my quarantine or the length of time the debate takes, but about the powerful arguments that exist for this Constitutional Indictment to advance.

We believe that it is a democratic responsibility on the part of the Chamber for this to happen ”, he indicated.

Without being in the Chamber of Deputies, as a result of the quarantine he is serving as Gabriel Boric’s close contact, RD Giorgio Jackson has become the protagonist of the constitutional accusation against President Sebastián Piñera that is being debated this day in the Chamber, since it is vote 78, that is to say, the one that will tip the balance to get the approval of the libel.

Given that his quarantine ends at midnight, as was ratified this day by the Seremi de Salud, Jackson will then go to the Valparaíso Congress to be in the hemicycle and be able to vote, and that is why the socialist deputy Jaime Naranjo has extended his speech of marathon way to give deadline for their incorporation into the room.

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