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In South Korea, the G8 is working together on an offshore wind project

G8, a Singapore-centered developer, has partnered with Holim Tech to build a 1500MW offshore wind complex in South Korea. To ensure optimum grid stabilization and energy management, the project will include a sophisticated energy storage system featuring next-generation ultra-stable lithium-ion batteries from G8’s technology partner 3DOM.

According to the G8, once finished, the wind farm is going to able to provide renewable energy to 500,000 homes and businesses. The high voltage subsea power cables are going to be installed using the developer’s accuracy cable lay and safeguard technologies to guarantee maximum long-term security of power connection to a grid, according to the developer.

Last year, G8 leadership and leading figures of Holim Tech all attended an official inauguration ceremony as well as a site inspection and coastal facility inspection. These facilities will be used to deploy the project’s wind turbines and will meet world-class standards while also supporting the local marine and construction industries, according to G8.

“We are pleased to begin the commercial implementation of this substantial project after comprehensive planning and evaluation, with local authority permission to proceed,” Pascal Cheon, the chief operating officer of G8 Korea said. Our turbine plant’s construction and operation will also help to create jobs in the future.”

“We are very happy to cooperate with G8 Korea as well as its Singapore HQ on this development,” Park Geon-Jeong, vice president of Holim Tech, said. “We are providing the much-required marine construction knowledge and technological resources to our area of growth to ensure sustained economic progress to our coastal township.”

“This marks G8’s continuation of windfarm programs in South Korea after the Gochang Phase 1 of 60MW in 2017,” said Gerald Tan, managing director of G8 Group. This project will be a significant step forward for both the G8 and the South Korean Wind Power industries, as it will be among the largest offshore wind farm ventures in Asia to use our next-generation energy storage technology, providing both commercial and utility clients with a comprehensive and long-term energy storage solution.

“We are delighted to continue our collaboration with Holim in pursuit of our shared goal of accelerating renewable energy deployment across the area.” South Korea’s Green New Deal, which is a development strategy aimed at hastening the country’s post-pandemic recovery and enabling its net-zero shift, has allocated €55 billion to simplify the country’s transition to renewable energy and create associated clean technology, according to the G8. The developer noted that the country also wants to improve the power blend from renewables from 6.4 percent to 20 percent by 2030.

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