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Congress Will Force Aena To Lower The Rent To Stores

The Congress of Deputies will vote in favor of the amendment introduced by the Senate to link the rents of Aena stores to the traffic registered by the airports. In the absence of the final vote, the PSOE would have been left alone on the ‘no’ side after the PNV’s decision to vote in favor and United We can abstain.

The amendment, introduced at the request of the Canarian Coalition in the Senate in the Draft Law for the Ordinance of Land Transport, modifies the lease or transfer contracts of premises in the facilities dependent on Aena to adapt them to the circumstances arising from the health crisis of the Covid-19. The reduction in air traffic and the volume of passengers at the airports led to a reduction in the income of the companies leasing the shops and restaurants, which requested to renegotiate the contracts.

The modification that is now approved affects those contracts that were in force on March 14, 2020, or had been tendered prior to that date, as indicated in the text of the standard. Specifically, the amendment now approved establishes that the Guaranteed Annual Minimum Income (RMAG) of these agreements, “will be automatically reduced in direct proportion to the lower volume of passengers at the airport where the location is located with respect to the volume of passengers that existed in that same airport in 2019 “.

This fact represents a direct blow to Aena’s accounts , since, in addition to losing part of the income that it had for the next few years, the retroactive effect of the rule entails a reduction in all those related to the amounts to be paid. charge since the state of alarm was declared last year.

The figures that are handled in the sector on the blow that this could suppose for the company owned by the State are diverse, but they would reach up to 3,400 million euros if it is taken into account that the traffic estimates calculate that the levels of 2019 will not be recovered until 2026. If these calculations come true, it would be the equivalent of not receiving almost 80% of Aena’s income in 2019 , the record year for tourism.

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