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President Spoke About The Security Threats in Attempts

“We know well that some of our foreign partners do not stop their attempts to break this strategic parity Even with the deployment of global security elements against missiles in the immediate vicinity of our borders,” said the president during a meeting dedicated to the defending.

He added that “we cannot stop observing these threats to the security of Russia and we will react appropriately in this regard.”

Putin also commented on the arrival of a US military ship in the Black Sea. According to the US Sixth Fleet, the flagship Mount Whitney, headed to the area to conduct joint operations with NATO forces.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday denounced the attempts of some countries to “break strategic parity” and promised that his country will give an adequate response to such actions.

Putin announces that the novel S-500 Promethei air defense system will soon be delivered to the Armed Forces
Putin announces that the new S-500 Promethei air defense system will soon be delivered to the Armed Forces
“We need to continue improving air and space defense systems.

This is directly related to developments in major countries of means of attack that possess high speed characteristics,” Putin said, stressing that development is necessary also in the context of ”

The general military and political situation ” with events such as “the increasing intensity of NATO aviation flights near Russia, the appearance in the Baltic and Black Seas of Alliance ships with guided missile weapons.”

“And now, as you know, the US ship entered the Black Sea. We were able to quickly observe it with binoculars or through the sights of the relevant defense systems,” he said.

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