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Masonry house was built with donated materials says Family

The masonry house was built with donated materials near a ravine and large trees It had two bedrooms and a kitchen What she didnt count on was that another house built with no retaining wall no roof and leaks abandoned by a low income family would come crashing down

We lost everything There was no stove refrigerator TV we took some soft beds We got clothes blankets but here theres no wardrobe or space says Jessica

After the landslide the financial condition of the 12person family worsened The husband is away from work because he had to undergo surgery on his cervical spine and was at risk of becoming quadriplegic Hes going to have pain for the rest of his life his arm is numb and he cant take weight We dont pay rent but we pay water and electricity If were going to rent a house how are we going to eat he argues

The family was traumatized by everything and now struggles to get new donations and rebuild their own house on the same land where the old residence was The property was demolished at the engineers request

On the one hand I didnt want to go back to live there The fear will always be there and the children will be the ones most harmed When it rains my boy asks if another house will fall down here I dont even sleep well but I have no other option

The highincome ones go to safe areas The lowincome ones occupy the margins more prone to risk city of Francisco Morato in the metropolitan region,

Paulo has already been mapped by the Geological Service of Brazil at the request of the Public Ministry which requested an inspection due to the topographical condition of the municipality At the time 86 areas of high or very high risk were identified where around 30000 people lived In 2019 according to the IBGE the city had almost 176 thousand inhabitants

Today according to Francisco Morato City Hall new studies of the Municipal Plan for Risk Reduction indicate 103 areas spread across 163 sectors with 134 at risk of landslides 10 at risk of undermining and 19 areas at risk of flooding totaling 5984 buildings with 23936 residents

Eliane Santana Luz Barros is 29 years old lives at Parque São Joaquim and lives in a house with her husband and 7yearold daughter built on Avenida Marginal Esquerda Its already happened twice that water gets into the house We have to run to pick up appliances I made a hook with a board on the door so the water wouldnt come in and I dug around the house

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She saw tragedies happen in the region with landslides and injuries and demands the attention of the public authorities Here is a forgotten neighborhood The street is dirt without gravel and lack of sanitation When it rains my daughter cant get to school need help the streets are potholed with mud and taxis are not allowed Uber capacity and we are isolated

According to Eliane government officials only show up and make promises at campaign time and then put on a cloth to hide the dust

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