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Mexico Temporarily Suspended Visa’s For Agreement

The government of Mexico temporarily suspended this Friday (26) the agreement that suppresses the visa requirement in common passports for Brazilian citizens, due to the increase in cases of human trafficking and illegal immigration to the United States, with the neighboring country as a door. input. In a joint statement, the Secretariats of Government and Foreign Affairs said that the measure will take effect on December 11th.

“This decision is due to the increase in irregular (migratory) flows and to the fact that, unfortunately, criminal groups profit, based on deceit, from the interest of Brazilian citizens in irregularly emigrating to the United States through Mexico”, says the note.

The text adds that, in view of the “ease with which the aforementioned agreement was granted”, it was being used “for purposes other than those for which it was originally established”. As a result, Brazilian citizens are “in an environment of great vulnerability, particularly women and children.

The agreement between the Mexican and Brazilian governments to suspend the charging of visas on common passports was signed in Brasilia on November 23, 2000 and entered into force on February 7, 2004.

According to the statement from the two Mexican Secretariats, the country “decided to adopt this important decision, without harming the legitimate exchange of flows of citizens from both countries for tourist, cultural and commercial purposes.”

The folders specified that the Mexican government “will grant migratory facilities to those who enter the country by air” by filling out in advance a form known as an electronic authorization, which can be obtained from the portals of the Secretariat for Foreign Affairs and the National Institute of Migration.

The authorities also informed that Brazilians traveling to Mexico by land or sea, according to current regulations, “must apply for the corresponding physical visa with the Mexican consular authorities”.

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