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1976 Only Eight Months After Franco’s Death

It was in 1976 only eight months after Franco’s death, when a group of about 10 people began to do nudism in l’Illa Roja, in Begur (Girona) There was in the enjoyment of the practice an aftertaste of freedom of shedding ties.

Because yes: a swimsuit or a bra can also oppress Now, 45 years later, those pioneers consider that agency has been lost; that they are “in the worst moment of history” to expose their bodies to the sun. Associations and users blame it on the lack of support from city councils, the attraction to these more secluded beaches – and to which the Instagram posture did not help or the fear of cameras.

The chiringuitos have also starred in some of the latest controversies, including in l’Illa Roja. Although the beach is not recognized as a naturist, its tradition is known in Catalonia. User Eva Verdaguer was fined 1,500 euros for repainting a poster warning of this.

“The beach bar of Illa Roja, Begur, traditionally nudist, has reached the grotesque limits of not serving us”, explains a user

“There were adapted bars but now, 15 years later, there is a huge one that does not respect naturism and that has reached the grotesque limits of not serving us,” says Joan Carles Doval another user.

David Maronda, owner of the business, defended in an interview on Catalunya Radio his freedom to demand that they wear clothes on the premises. He stated that there may be people who “feel uncomfortable” or that children are “violent”.

On the Costa del Sol, Almudena Medrano denounces that the Costa Natura beach is not respected, the first to be recognized as a naturist in 1979.

A beach bar, they say, has stolen their space. “The beach is too small for us. There is a lot of area occupied by hammocks that they do not allow us to use he assures.

At high tide, we have no place to sit. The distance of six meters that must be to the shore is not respected.” As a result of their collection of signatures on they have managed to remove “only” seven hammocks.

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