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Endesa Modifies Its Single Rate To Beat Offer Launched By Naturgy

The price of electricity has unleashed an unprecedented commercial battle in which companies are trying to migrate domestic customers to the liberalized market with the promise of a stable but historically more expensive bill.

The president of Naturgy, Francisco Reynés, took advantage of this past Wednesday the VI elEconomista Energy Forum to announce his intention to put on the market a stable rate with a market price of 60 euros (around 0.16 cents) to facilitate To avoid fluctuations in energy prices and has provoked a quick response from the commercial teams of its main competitors, Endesa has quickly got down to work and has modified the conditions of its Single Rate to beat the gas company’s offer.

The power company led by José Bogas will make an offer with a two-year term – the same as Naturgy – but at a price of 58 euros / MWh compared to the 60 euros / MWh announced by Reynés .

Endesa launched Única in November of last year with a personalized fixed fee model adapted to the individual consumption of each client, with 100% renewable energy, without periods of permanence and with bonuses for consumers for meeting efficient consumption targets.

The fee paid month to month is always the same, regardless of the time it is consumed and without regularizations. There is no consumption limit, a new quota will only be proposed if 30% of the customer’s history is exceeded in the year after having carried out a previous analysis on the usual consumption of said customer.

The rate, which allows contracting electricity, gas and additional services, is part of the catalog of commercial alternatives that Endesa currently offers to its 5.7 million customers in the free market.

Iberdrola avoids the price battle and extends the contract term to five years
All Endesa’s free market rates have stable prices that are not subject to changes in the wholesale market, have a guaranteed fixed price for at least one year from their contracting and are below the pool price that is currently applied to consumers of the regulated market.

Iberdrola , for its part, has put its traditional commercial offer on the table and since the beginning of the year it expanded the so- called Stable Plan that allows long-term electricity contracting. The company directed by Ignacio Sánchez Galán, makes an offer for a period of five years for its clients.

Iberdrola has almost 7 million customers with a fixed price, of which more than 6 million are households with ‘customized plans’ – smart solutions that it offers to a customer who wants to choose how and when to consume electricity, adapted to their spending habits. life and oblivious to the volatility of electricity prices in the markets, determined by the price of gas.

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