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13 Super- Easy Hair Braiding Ideas For When You’re In A Rush

Hair braiding has been one of the trending hairstyles since ancient times, and it is still the most loved hairstyle of all women. With its intricate designs and beautiful simplicity, hair braiding is surely the go-to- hairstyle for any occasion.

Now, with the trend of braid hair extensions, you can create some amazing hairstyles with just a snap of your fingers. However, some braiding hairstyles will take forever to style. But if you are in a rush and want to get your braids done quickly, check out this blog and inspire yourself with 13 super-easy braiding hairstyles you can create.

1.  Half Done Box Braids

Box braids are one of the most stylish protective hairstyles that you can do. But with not so much time in hand, you can get your box braids only halfway done, and you will be able to slay an epic.


For your half-done box braids:

  • Comb your hair and make it tangle-free
  • Section your hair into boxes
  • You can even go for big sections of boxes on your hair
  • Secure your sections with an elastic band
  • Take your braiding hair extensions and braid them with your natural hair
  • Make sure that your braids are half done
  • Leave your lower section of the hair loose
  • You can create a wave or even curl the lower section of the hair


2.  Two-Sided Front Braids

There are immense ways to style your braids, and this is one of the favorite trending braids among women. It gives you beautiful style, which can look both chic and trendy.


To do these two-sided front braids:

  • If you don’t have many lengths on your hair, you can clip in your virgin human hair extensions on your natural hair.
  • With your rat tail comb, section your hair.
  • The first section should be done to give your hair a middle parting.
  • Then you can section the two front sides of the hair equally.
  • Then braid each section of your hair.
  • Instead of clipping in the hair extensions on the front side of the hair, you can braid your natural hair with braid Clip In hair extensions.
  • Braid both the sides of your pre-sectioned hair



3.  Two-Sided Low Braids

To do this two-sided low braids:

  • Section your hair into two sides
  • Add volume and length with braiding hair extensions
  • Make the top side of the hair sleek and glossy
  • Braid both the sections of the hair into the simple two-strand plaits



4.  Single Cornrow

Braiding your hair into cornrows will take time, but have you ever thought of trying the single cornrow? This single cornrow is the hairstyle that will surely give you that bold rocky look.


To do the single cornrows:

  • Take your rat tail comb and section your hair
  • For sectioning, you can either choose the left side of the hair or the right side
  • Start by sectioning your hair below the temples of your head
  • Add some length to your cornrows with braiding hair extensions
  • Braid your hair close to the scalp and make sure that they are done tightly
  • Braid till the end of the tip, and then voila, you have your perfect-sided cornrow in just a few seconds.


5.  Huge Crown Braids

These brown braids are one of the most stunning authentic hairstyles that you can try. It goes for wedding occasions and for special dinner parties too. Even if you have short hair, you can get virgin human hair extensions and always try this style to glamorize your looks.


To create these huge crown braids:


  • Comb your hair and make sure it is tangle-free
  • Clip-in those virgin human hair extensions
  • Start braiding your hair from the center of your front hairline
  • Make huge braids to create the nice wave
  • The nice wave will have to continue till the end of the other side of the shoulder



6.  High Braided Ponytail

Do you want to know a little hack to slay your looks with a plain high ponytail? Well, you can always do this stylish braiding on your ponytail. This look is something that you can do in minimal time. It is just the right hairstyle for your everyday busy life.


To create this high braided ponytail:

  • Make the front side of your hair sleek
  • Apply some edge control cream to hide the small hair strands
  • Tie your hair into a high ponytail
  • Secure the ponytail with an elastic band
  • Braid your hair with braiding hair extensions until the end of the hair
  • Secure the braids with an elastic band


7.  Braided High Bun

The high braided bun is one of the most simple yet beautiful hairstyles that you can do. This style will surely give you neat and graceful looks. Wear this hairstyle for wedding ceremonies and formal gatherings, and you will surely stand out in the crowd.


To create this beautiful braided high bun:

  • Comb the front side of your hair into sleek
  • Tie your hair into a high ponytail
  • Attach your braiding hair extensions and secure them with an elastic band
  • Braid it till the end of the hair
  • Then twirl the braided hair into a think bun
  • Then viola, you have your new favourite hairstyle for any formal gatherings or weddings

8.  Plaited Low Bun

This flaited low bun is similar to the braided high bun hairstyle; the only difference is to make the style in this hairstyle lower than the previous one.

To create this plaited low bun:

  • Tie your hair into a low bun
  • Secure the braid hair extensions on your natural hair with an elastic band
  • Braid the hair till the end
  • Then twirl it and create a beautiful patterned low bun

9.  Fishtail High Ponytail

Braiding can be done in many styles, and among all these braiding styles, fishtail braiding is one of the most sophisticated styles with so many intricate designs and styles. Wear this hairstyle, and you will surely pave your way with radiance and shine.


To create this fishtail high ponytail:

  • Make the front side of your hair sleek
  • Tie your natural hair with the braiding hair extensions into a high ponytail
  • Secure it together with an elastic band
  • Braid the ponytail hair into a fishtail
  • Secure with an elastic band


10.                 Crown Cornrows

The crown cornrows will give you the best style while keeping your hair away from your face. This hairstyle will go well if you have curly or wavy hair.


For this hairstyle:

  • Attach your clip in virgin hair extensions for length and texture on your hair
  • Part your hair into two sides from the front side of your head
  • The parting should be done in the middle section
  • Then braid both sides of your hair close to the scalp
  • Braid in cornrows till the crown of your head
  • The hair will be away from your face while also focusing the style on your waves and curls.

11.                 Two-Sided Braids

To do these two-sided braids:

  • Part your hair into two sections
  • Attach the virgin human hair extensions to add volume and length
  • Tie both the section of your hair into a low ponytail
  • Braid it in simple three-strand plaits till the end of the hair


12.                 Milkmaid Braids

This style of braiding has been in trend since the century and is still here to stay. You can do this milkmaid braiding style for simple ceremonies or family gatherings. If you don’t have long hair for this hairstyle, you can choose to go for a braiding hair extension for a voluminous braid with a good length.


To do this milkmaid braid

  • Section your hair into two parts
  • Braid both the sections till the end of the hair
  • Braid them into three simple strand plaits
  • Then cross the braids and bring the left braided section on the right side and clip it on the right front side
  • Do the same process for the other braided section too.
  • This will create a gentle braided texture crowing your head.


13.                 Braided Two-Sided High Buns

For the cutest look, you can do this with two-sided high buns. Instead of just tying them in buns, you can braid them to create more pattern and texture on your buns.


To create this hairstyle:

  • Section your hair into two equal parts
  • Tie them into a high ponytail
  • Attach the braid hair extensions for more volume
  • Braid till the end of the hair
  • Twirl and tie it into a bun


There are immense hair braiding techniques and styles that you can do. But with minimal time and skills in hand, these are the best braiding hairstyles that you can do anytime and for any occasion.


With the above hair braiding styles and inspirations, spark your creativity and always make the best hairstyles to flaunt perfectly for every moment.

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