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What Do You Need To Know To Pass Cisco 200-201 CBROPS Certification Exam In One Go?

Do you think you are ready to take the Cisco 200-201 CBROPS exam? Many professionals consider that they can easily improve their knowledge on security topics and pass this test with flying colors. Unfortunately, when they face the real questions, they quickly discover that they don’t have sufficient expertise to answer them and fail to obtain the passing score. Therefore, one of the first steps you should take before attending the certification test is going through the exam’s blueprint and checking its eligibility requirements. On top of that, you should explore different preparation resources to hone your security knowledge and skills to perfection. Does it sound confusing to you? Then this article will clarify all your questions and help you develop a successful preparation strategy for the 300-420 .

Cisco 200-201 CBROPS Exam Details 

Even though you have already worked in the security domain, you will still need to study for the 200-201 certification exam. This test is a mandatory requirement for obtaining the Cisco Certified 300-425 designation. It validates your capability on different security-related topics that are outlined below:

  • Describing the principles that apply when using the fundamental security concepts;
  • Comparing different types of attacks and data as well as understanding how to manage the security monitoring process;
  • Performing an effective host-based analysis and identifying the components that form an operating system;
  • Performing an analysis on network intrusion and identifying its impact on the business performance;
  • Developing comprehensive security procedures and policies and supervise their correct implementation in a business scenario.

This evaluation has a total duration of 120 minutes. Even though the vendor doesn’t offer details on the total number of questions prior to the official testing, you should be ready to solve complex inquiries on the topics mentioned above in a short time. To register for the test, you will have to pay a fee of 300-430 . Additional taxes might apply, depending on the chosen testing center.

Preparation Tips for 200-201 CBROPS Test

Going through the exam’s blueprint should be the first step when preparing for the 200-201 CBROPS evaluation. Once you identify your weak points, you should consolidate your skills with the help of official training resources. To help candidates develop the required competency for the exam, Cisco developed instructor-led training for this test. You can find it under the name Understanding 200-901 Operations and Fundamentals (CBROPS) v1.0. During this training, you will learn how to prevent cybersecurity attacks and apply different security tools and products to protect the company’s networks. In addition, you can improve your capabilities with the help of self-study materials available on and by engaging in community forums.


Your success in 200-301 CCNA certification exam depends on your ability to organize an effective training routine. Your first step should be reviewing its syllabus to understand what’s expected from your side and get used to the test’s structure and complexity level. Once you determine the topics on which you should focus, you can move to the next phase, which is training with various prep resources. You can enroll in the preparation classes available on the vendor’s site, improve your knowledge with the books from, as well as learn from other exam-takers joining the community forums.

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