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Must-Have Training Materials and Practice Tests to Pass Microsoft Certified Azure AI Fundamentals

Certification exams in general can be frightening and stressful ― but not if you have thoroughly prepared for the test. And if the MS-100 Training Course : Azure AI Fundamentals is on your wish list, you need to take your time in planning a study schedule and learning all the nuts and bolts of the certification coverage. To lessen the pressure, we’ve created a list of the most valuable resources you can use during your training.

From the Official Certification Provider

As a certification provided by Microsoft, it’s pivotal that you start with the documents accessible from the official website. Below are the three essentials to kick off your preparation journey.

  • Skills Outline

The very first thing that you need to cover is the skills outline specifically created for Microsoft Certified: MS-101 Training Course . This particular document is downloadable from the website and contains the major subjects of the certification. There are four primary areas involved in the coverage, starting with the workloads and guiding principles of artificial intelligence. It then stretches to the basic machine learning types, concepts, and solutions. The next subject emphasizes the importance of computer vision solutions and tasks related to Azure. Lastly, it tackles the Natural Language Processing as well as the conversational AI workloads that are relevant on Azure.

  • Learning Paths

After familiarizing yourself with the main subjects, it’s time to speed up your learning process by completing the learning paths for MS-900 Training Course , the test associated with Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals. This training material offers you a step-by-step grasp of the topics, from understanding AI intelligence in general to exploring knowledge mining. There are 6 learning paths available that are provided for free. And for each subject, there are specific modules that discuss all the key aspects.

  • Training Course

Moving forward, if you feel the learning paths are not enough, get support from the official training course. Also called Course AI-900T00: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals, this is designed to make your learning experience more worthwhile. You get extra insights from online materials, hands-on exercises, and in-depth topic discussions from the instructors. Since this is a much more structured way of learning, this is a paid training material.

Third-party sources

Aside from the official resources, it’s important to expand your learning through various platforms. Check out the list below. 

  • YouTube

This powerful online application puts together an endless collection of videos that can support your learning pursuit. Just input the certification name and you’ll be supplied with thousands of relevant materials to nurture your AZ-400 Training Course AI command.

  • Amazon

For books, Amazon is a top-notch platform that provides a variety of physical and even virtual publications for your convenience. When doing your research, try to choose books with higher reviews and take your time reading the feedback from previous purchasers.

  • Practice test websites

Before you cap off your training, get a hold of different practice tests from distinguished sites. This could make or break your preparation, so be sure to avail yourself of practice tests that are provided by well-known platforms like AZ-304 Training Course , Exam-Labs, ExamSnap, and Certbolt, among others.

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