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United States Believes There Is A “Growing Possibility” Of A “Nuclear Conflict”

The United States Department of Defense assures that the possibility of a nuclear conflict breaking out is increasing . It has done so in a military manual to which the Federation of American Scientists has had access.

In the document, created for the “military orientation for the exercise of authority by combatant commanders and other commanders of joint forces,” it is stated that despite the efforts of the United States to advance in denuclearization and de-escalation, “No potential adversary has reduced either the role of nuclear weapons in its national security strategy or the number of nuclear weapons.”

In fact, the Pentagon report states that these potential adversaries, such as Russia , China , Iran or North Korea , “have moved decisively in the opposite direction” , increasing the risk of “a nuclear escalation” and of “conflicts that involve adversaries with nuclear weapons. ”

More and new types of nuclear weapons
The United States insists on comparing how the country has continued to reduce “the number and importance of nuclear weapons” while its potential enemies, such as Russia and China, have given a greater strategic importance to nuclear weapons and have assumed a behavior ” increasingly aggressive. ”

In fact, the Pentagon details that “Russia is developing nuclear weapons of intercontinental range , and even nuclear submarines”, and China has weapons of this type from land, sea and air, which gives it “a military triad.”

How to prevail in these conflicts
This is the second document of its kind that the United States has released. The first version came out in 2019 and, regarding it, an important change is observed. In the first version, the Pentagon made it clear that the US could use “nuclear weapons to prevail in conflicts”, while in the new version it is said that the response with nuclear weapons will be “flexible but limited”.

With this latest report, the Pentagon wants to emphasize that “the highest priority of US nuclear policy and strategy is to deter potential adversaries from a nuclear attack of any scale.”

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