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A Zoo In The US Begins To Vaccinate Its Animals Against Covid

A zoo in the US begins to vaccinate its animals against Covid. They propose that dogs and cats be the next to be vaccinated against Covid to stop the variants .

Pet owners can be happy: vaccination of animals against the coronavirus is now a reality. In fact, a zoo has already undertaken the task.

It is the Oakland Zoo , in California (USA), where according to TMZ the vaccination campaign for its animals has already been launched. They are doing it with the formula of the pharmaceutical company Zoetis.

This company, which is a subsidiary of Pfizer based in New Jersey specialized in veterinary medicine, has created b that in principle is valid for all species without distinction.

According to TMZ , zoo animals such as lions, tigers, bears and ferrets have already received the vaccine . In total, the Oakland Zoo has received 11,000 doses of the Zoetis vaccine and has done so as a donation.

According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), the state agency on wildlife and agriculture of the United States, this vaccine has been tested in mink and has been successful in tests.

Although it is not clear how animals transmit the virus to humans, but it is known that pets can be infected by their owners , so a specific vaccine for animals can be a breakthrough.

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