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Al Qaeda Releases Video Of Its Leader On 9/11 Anniversary

The terrorist organization To the Qaeda released a video Saturday of its leader, Egipci or Ayman Zawahiri to the, on the twentieth anniversary of the attacks of the 11 S in United States.

Al Qaeda released these images through its media channel, Sahab Media, entitled “Jerusalem will never be Judaized”, where Al Zawahiri appears dressed in a robe and a long white beard speaking for more than an hour on a wide variety of topics, in special the Palestinian cause.

The terrorist group has released the video amid rumors about the poor health or even the possible death of the leader, who, according to UN Security Council reports, is “somewhere” between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

However, the video does not give details about the date of its recording, although Zawahiri himself refers to the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

“Today (the United States) is coming out of Afghanistan, broken and defeated after twenty years of war,” says Al Zawahiri on the video, looking at the camera.

It also calls for “war” in which “the whole world is the battlefield” , since “exhausting an enemy equipped with the latest weapons does not require enormous resources.”

The video also includes excerpts from texts that read that “jihad is a lifelong endeavor in Afghanistan, in Palestine, in the Philippines, and wherever tyrants, despots and oppressors exist.”

After the death of the founder of Al Qaeda, the Saudi Osama bin Laden, in an operation in Abbotabad (Pakistan), Al Zawahiri took command of the organization, which was reduced to a network with many branches but without a central leadership, weakened by the successive losses of his commanders and the supposed ill health of the Egyptian.

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