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All information is public available on CPRM Official Website

After the field stage maps and reports are drawn up All information is public available on the CPRM website and sent to municipal and state managers The inspection is the responsibility of the municipalities and the Public Ministry has a relevant role in this collection

This years mappings focused on municipalities in Ceará Pará Paraíba Paraná Acre Amazonas Bahia Espírito Santo Minas Gerais Rondônia Sergipe São Paulo Piauí Rio Grande do Sul Mato Grosso do Sul Mato Grosso and Pernambuco

A good example according to Julio Lana is the city of Espírito Santo do Pinhal in the interior of São Paulo In 2015 there were more than a thousand people in risk areas and in 2018 it dropped to just over a hundred The number of areas did not decrease but the territorial extension did with the construction of walls and the adoption of other measures There are still risks but they are manageable he exemplifies.

Some states are already 100 mapped such as Espírito Santo Amazonas Acre Santa Catarina. It is in the normality that we must develop processes Today the vision is reactive of tactical confrontation

The mapping is intended to prevent tragedies from occurring Floods tend to affect a greater number of people and cause more material damage Landslides generate more deaths

In a statement Francisco Moratos City Hall informs that families have been consolidated in these spaces for years which did not have adequate urban development and which today brings concern and new challenges to the government He also emphasizes that the Federal Government no longer has housing programs However our efforts are constant in inspection aiming to contain the expansion of occupations and in the search for resources to make housing programs viable

According to the municipal administration seven major works have already been carried out in risky areas in the city The houses are mostly on steep slopes and in areas of environmental preservation The city hall concluded the note by informing that the problem is historical and that currently the notified families receive rent aid

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