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A Body In An Elevator That Had Been Damaged For Almost 25 Years

A group of engineers working on repairs to the elevator of the hospital OPEC in Uttar Pradesh in India , who had broken nearly 25 years, when they met with cadáve r . When opening the door of this elevator they found a skeleton that doctors have determined to be male. The police in the region are now working to find out how the man ended up in those circumstances.

The elevator had not been used for no more and no less than 24 years. According to ‘ India Today ‘, the device was operational in the OPEC hospital, in the Basti district, in Uttar Pradesh, from 1991 until it broke down in 1997.

To solve it and put it back into operation, several engineers and a team of experts and workers began to work on the device. The problem came when , during working hours, employees found the remains of a person inside the cabin.

Police are investigating the case
Immediately, the group of employees notified the police of the event . The authorities analyzed the skeleton, in an advanced state of decomposition and determined that it had belonged to a man, although its identity is still unknown . The remains have been sent to a laboratory for analysis.

The Police are now investigating the event and trying to find out whose remains are and under what circumstances they had reached the elevator . At the moment, agents in the Basti region are examining missing persons reports from 24 years ago to see if they can establish any links.

The additional police superintendent in Basti, Deependra Nath Choudhary, said in this regard: “If any written complaint is made on the matter, we will register a case. Currently, the police are investigating various angles. To solve the mystery of the male skeleton, 24 police stations have been deployed in the district ”, collects the ‘India Today’.

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