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McDonald’s Raises Funds For Those Affected By The La Palma Volcano

McDonald’s has launched an initiative, in collaboration with the NGO Messengers of Peace, with the aim of raising funds that will go to families affected by the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma.

This solidarity initiative, which was born with the name “Todos con La Palma” and which will continue until October 15, will allow the chain’s customers to make a donation through the digital kiosks available in its more than 550 restaurants in Spain. .

In addition, and with the aim of making this donation even bigger, for every euro raised in restaurants, McDonald’s commits to donate another euro.

To make this social work possible, the company has had the collaboration of the NGO Mensajeros de la Paz, which currently has different projects underway in the Canary Islands and has a specific program to help the inhabitants of the island of La Palma . For Nieves Tirez, director of the Foundation of this NGO: “McDonald’s contribution to this cause is an example of solidarity to follow and represents the commitment that this great company has with Spanish citizens. Without a doubt, your contribution will help us to continue attending to the demands and basic needs of the population that has been seriously affected by this catastrophe. ”

Solidarity spirit
In the words of Luis Quintiliano, president of McDonald’s Spain: “This initiative once again shows our most supportive side. McDonald’s is a company committed to the communities in which we operate, therefore, we wanted to get involved and support those affected. I want to give the Thank you in advance to our clients for their generosity and spirit of solidarity. Therefore, and to keep up with them, we have decided to double the amount collected “.

For his part, Ramón Fariña, on behalf of the McDonald’s franchisees, assures: “Since I heard this news and as a franchisee in Tenerife and La Palma, this situation has touched me very closely. Therefore, from the first moment, the whole McDonald’s team began working to get our help to the palm trees. During this time I have seen the great involvement of the entire McDonald’s family to make this action a reality. “

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