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Rainfall in Monday November 22nd Caused Damage To Federal District

The rain that fell on Monday 22 caused damage to homes and streets in the Federal District and In the federal capital the force of water flooded houses dragged vehicles and impacted traffic in the Structural City in São and in the Maned Videos show the despair of residents during the flood

Afraid of becoming a meme the student is the 1st to arrive at the test site in DF
In São still in the DF a motorcyclist was dragged by the force of water in front of a supermarket in the city Images taken by people passing by on the street at the time of the accident show three men trying to help the motorcycle driver who is almost dragged by the water.

In the residential also in residents suffered damages after the rain They say that flooding is frequent and to prevent water from invading houses during the rain it was necessary to build walls 40 centimeters high in front of the gates.

The situation is critical It only rains for five minutes and our houses are filled with water There is no drainage because there are no rain networks We have already built walls in front of the houses and no more cars enter the lots says Elma who lives in the neighborhood for ten years.

In 1 heavy rain also caused inconvenience to those who had to cross the city The viaduct that gives access to the administrative region was flooded and the Fire Department was called to help drivers of three vehicles There were no injuries

On street 16 of QE 40 at Polo a large tree fell hitting a parked vehicle According to the DF Military Fire Department CBMDF the tree was over the car and blocked the street The military had to cut it and remove the vehicle from the site to clear the road.

In residents found it difficult to access the streets because of the amount of mud The rain still flooded the balloon that gives access to Brasília International Airport Drivers were unable to pass the roundabout and had to stop the car.

In the force of the rains also caused countless damages Images from security cameras show a man escaping from being hit by a flood of mud inside his house in last Thursday 18th Despite the force of the water no one was hurt.

The resident shown in the images is sales promoter Rômulo do 37 years old He appears talking on the phone when suddenly mud invades the house Romulo runs to the backyard and manages to save himself by entering a kennel According to him work on the plot next to the residence caused water to accumulate near the wall preventing it from flowing which would have caused the accident.

According to Rômulo the mud destroyed part of the house and the furniture causing a loss of around R 80 thousand I dreamed that it was going to fall I had it in my head because it was scary when it rained with the wind and it was worse than I dreamed said by man.

In net National Institute of Meteorology issued a yellow alert against the danger of heavy rains in the DF The alert is valid until this Tuesday 23 Winds can reach 60 kmh In cases of emergencies or risk situations it is recommended to contact the Civil Defense phone 199 or the Fire Department 193.

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