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Care Taker Got Arrested For Mistreating 5 months Old Baby

An 18 year old care taker was arrested for the crime of maltreatment of a 5 month old baby The arrest took place around 2 pm on Monday 22 in Cruzeiro in the Federal District The child’s mother denounced the caregiver after catching the nanny smothering the boy with a blanket The footage was turned over to the police.

According to the child’s mother it was the caregivers second day of work The mother was in the bedroom monitoring her son and nanny through the apartments cameras when she caught the assault and heard the baby crying The woman went to the living room and questioned the employee who denied any aggression to the boy.

Nervous the mother locked herself with the child in the room asked the nanny to leave the house and called the Military Police.

After analyzing the images police went to the house in Cruzeiro Velho and took her to the police station To agents the young woman denied the assault and said that she only cleaned up the baby’s gulf.

She was booked in the act of mistreatment As this is a crime with a small offensive potential she was subsequently released.

In October another case of ill-treatment ended in death 6 months old died in an irregular day care center in Planaltina.

The child’s father Valdemir only received the news of his daughters death when he visited the kindergarten to pick up the baby around 1700

At the time one of those responsible for the institution stated that the child had choked However doctors at the Hospital Regional de Planting ruled out this option and reported that Amariah arrived at the hospital dead.

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